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Wise & Embodied: Women's Circle

A monthly gathering of connection, compassion, and community; where women are invited to gather in sacred space to rest within their light and tune into the wisdom of their body and spirit.

What is the Wise & Embodied: Women's Circle?

Every month, the Wise & Embodied: Women's Circle is open to souls who are ready to connect more deeply with their divine inner wisdom.

Within all of us, there is connection to the energy of the Divine Feminine that is grounded intuitively within our bodies and spirits - and this wisdom always speaking to us.

The foundational stone of these gatherings is to come together in sacred space.  A sacred space where women can connect in community, experience sacred space within themselves, while also amplifying their ability to tune in and hear the callings of their inner wisdom.  To feel and find respite in the loving embracer of their Inner Wise Woman.

If you would like to be amoung the first to know about upcoming circles and gatherings, you're invited to join our monthly offering list.  To learn more and to subscribe, please click here.

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