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Erica O'Reilly
Women's Spiritual & Embodiment Counsellor, 
Sacred Storyteller,


Beannachtaí (Blessings),

Welcome to Alight Wellness & Services!

As a women's spiritual counsellor, it is an honour to offer online counselling services and healing circles to help you tune into the wisdom and healing power of your body and spirit.


I believe within all women resides a sacred space.  A well that holds the sacred waters of her ancient wisdom - woven within her spirit and DNA.

When a woman feels safe and trusts the wisdom of her body and spirit, she moves into a powerful and pivotal state of being.  From here, from this sacred space of deeply knowing and trusting herself, she can begin to alchemize, weave and transform what once hurt her into what can become her embodied wisdom and sovereign freedom.

With a heart-centred and compassionate approach, my intention is to offer sacred spaces where women feel grounded and empowered as facilitators in their own healing journey - body, mind and spirit. 

I believe all the answers we are seeking are within us.


You are the light, you are seeking. 

You are your own greatest healer.


My role is to help you access these answers and offer support as you navigate your inner world.  I am here as a guiding light, as you align with your inner wise woman. 

It would be an honour to support you in this process; as the journey towards health and wellness does not need to be ventured alone.

Until we meet in circle again.

May grace and ease always find you,

~ Erica

You're Invited...

Wise & Embodied: Women's Workshop

The Wise & Embodied: Women's Workshop is our first in-person gathering!  Join us for an afternoon of tuning inwards and aligning your inner wisdom.

 Counselling & Intuitive Services

"To heal our wounds we need to have the courage to face them" - Paulo Coehlo
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Oracle Card Readings

Bring a question to session, and let's tune in together, to receive additional guidance or perspective

Spiritual Counselling Sessions

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Get to the root of the wound and begin to heal from the inside out

Grounding Calls 

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Ground within the presence of your divine feminine energy to incubate and bring forth a creative project

"You are your own healer.  I am simply here as the reminder that you do not have to walk the path alone." - Erica O'Reilly

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