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Erica O'Reilly

* Certified Depth Hypnosis Practitioner

* Ordained Minister, with the Sacred Stream Foundation

* Certified Coming to Peace Facilitator

* Certified Hypnotherapist in the Spiritual Counselling Practice of Depth       


* 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher 

* Ontario Certified Teacher

* Bachelor of Education (Specialization in Arts Education)

* Bachelor of Arts (with Honours in Theatre)

A Little Bit About Me

As a young child, I recall always feeling a deep sense of connection to nature and a desire to connect with people on a heart level.  My love for the arts, collaboration in community, and self-expression lead me to Toronto, Canada, where I studied Theatre (completing my Bachelor of Arts in 2010).  Several years after graduation, while working in the city, I found myself profoundly missing a particular depth of connection with people.  Receiving my Bachelor of Education, encouraged me to share my love for creative expression while nurturing heartfelt and personal connections with others through teaching. 


For as long as I can also remember, I've always felt a sense of peace while exploring the world around me.  I'd almost describe it as a somatic knowing that I learn through experiencing.  Over the years, this has gifted me with unique opportunities to travel across the Canada (and the world), connecting with families, youth and communities from different walks of life - while also studying a new passion that came with age: the desire to know myself and my connection with Spirit more deeply. 

With all of these experiences, one of the greatest lessons I've learnt (thus far) is: the most important relationship we can nurture in this lifetime, is the one we have with ourselves.  Likewise, some of the greatest teachings (and often the keys to our own freedom), can be found in how we relate to the pain, suffering and challenges that we encounter while we walk this earth.  It is my hope and intention that Alight Wellness & Services becomes a platform for nurturing heartfelt connections and sharing in community, while supporting others through their own journeys of knowing themselves more deeply.

A Little More on Erica's Approach as a Healing Arts Practitioner

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